Mazama Retreat, Day 5

Deeply personal writing, especially about suffering, challenges  the best writers. Other people played roles and even the most objective reporting can’t fully capture all points of view. I’m far from the best writer, and I have enough journalism experience to know how hard it is to get a simple news story right. In the past few days’ worth of posts, I’ve done my best to share what I’ve learned, not complain or blame. I’ve tried to show my struggle and the ideas and people that helped pull me through.

Arthur SchopenhauerI heed Arthur Schopenhauer’s advice: A man should choose to respond to his misfortunes more as a knower than as a sufferer. For me, to truly know, I have to write, and rewrite, research, check myself, get advice, and rewrite again. I take the risk of publishing because if sharing what I know helps just one other person, it’s worth it. And I always welcome comments or challenges, both critical and complimentary. That’s how I’ll get better. Thank you.

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