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Thank you, USA Projects

Last week I received the electronic transfer of my second project completion grant, this one from USA Projects.  USA Projects provides crowd-funding support for emerging artists.  The funds will help me complete another research trip to Trieste to obtain historical facts and details to firm up the historical foundation of Amedeo, my historical novel, and […]

A Tragic Scorecard

Not quite 100 years ago, the Kingdom of Italy’s stated war aim when it opened hostilities against the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1915 was to acquire Italian-speaking cities along the northern and eastern Adriatic Sea, like Trieste, with hinterlands extending into the Alps and present-day Slovenia and Croatia.  The drumbeat of nationalistic fervor in Italy was […]

Mountaineering and Italian Nationalism

I’ve been hard at work on the novel and it just popped up in my local newspaper, the Vashon Island Beachcomber.  Among other outreach, I’ve been contacting my favorite Vashonians to fill in the blanks a little bit.  The article mentions USA Projects.  Here’s a quick update. We’re about to hit the first thousand after […]

A Risk-Sharing Model for Art

The Problem Many of us give to art museums, but a far smaller percentage of Americans ever think about supporting individual artists.  The result is that the vast majority of MFA grads abandon their art within five years of graduation.  It takes time to develop a body of work, and they’re starving. A New Model […]

Live at USA Projects

Many thanks to the two donors who have kicked off the campaign.  At the current rate, we need 98 more to hit the minimum.  Note:  An automatic match kicks in once we reach $2,500.  Follow the project here.

USA Projects Campaign at the starting line

In 2011, Artist Trust of Seattle awarded me a $1,500 grant to support research for my historical-novel-in-progress, “Amedeo.”  The funds helped cover the costs of a month in Trieste to do more location and archival research and spend some serious time writing.  Thanks to the Artist Trust grant, I came to the attention of USA […]