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Mazama Retreat, Day 6

The pileated woodpecker struck first. The fiery red streak across the top of its head stood in sharp contrast to the muted yellow of an alder grove as it hunted carpenter ants up a 15-foot snag. A golden eagle rose from the slope below the road to Tiffany Mountain, 20 feet away as it lifted […]

On Hold

On June 30, I suspended work on my second novel, working title Lidija. I’ve just posted the opening scene. As they say in the business world, I ran out of runway, and for the foreseeable future, I will be back in that business world. For more information about my business activities, please visit my LinkedIn […]

Miracle No. 2

The church organ provided the second miracle. Wednesday, I found the organist tuning up for a concert. We chatted. Something moved me: “If you were asked to use your music to drive the Holy Spirit into a man’s soul, what would you play?” He studied me, then directed me to the acoustic apex: Eight pews […]

Miracle No. 1

The first miracle came from a reading from St. Augustine. Two messages resonated. First, he said that if you want to impart something to someone, you need to know who they are and speak in a manner they will understand. The intended recipient must be willing to listen. You have to wait until they are […]

Geraldine Brooks

One of my favorite authors visited Seattle yesterday. Geraldine Brooks has become so popular she nearly filled McCaw Hall with fans. She made us laugh: “When I was getting started, I felt lucky if I did a reading for five people and a dog.” I’ve read her Pulitzer Prize winner, “March,” and “People of the […]

Hollywood Is Interested!

A former colleague who helps emerging film-makers get funding read a good chunk of my manuscript and said, “I read hundreds and hundreds of treatments and scripts and it’s hard to find a very interesting story. You have one.” If you haven’t yet, it’s time to contribute to making this book happen — deadline is […]

72 Hours

Browsing through a friend’s website today, I found a mention of my favorite writing event of the past several years:  The 72 Hour Challenge at Richard Hugo House. In early 2009, Hugo House hosted Sherman Alexie, Pam Houston, T.M. McNally and Devin Sullivan for a “new work” party.  Each was given a theme and a […]

Our Dining Table, Revisited

Sharing the post below created a white tornado.  The kitchen and dining area look different now.  On the dining table, nothing other than place settings, salt and pepper, a potted plant, our little Bose boombox and a candleholder.


I’ve been reading Pulitzer Prize winners.  “March,” by Geraldine Brooks, tells the story of the absent father in Louisa May Alcott’s novel “Little Women.”  March won the Pulitzer for fiction in 2006. There’s nothing like a battle scene to get a story started.  Conflict on a massive scale.  You can draw me in any time […]

A Cavallo Tra Due Mondi

Lufthansa Flight 490, May 28, 2012:  A cavallo tra due mondi.  Literally, on horseback between two worlds.  It means a self divided between two places, two ways of living, two patterns of thinking, two languages, two cultural and historical constructs.  For me, it goes farther.  A mother and family here, a father there.  Two groups […]