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Rehashing:  A meditation on (not) letting go In my 20s I rushed to keep myself from feeling. In my 30s I rushed to figure out what I was feeling, under penalty of death. In my 40s I was crushed by overwhelming feelings upon the death of Andrew, my younger son.  What ifs by the thousands, […]

Anger Management and Exercise

Swimming and bicycling saved my life. I was 28 when a business coach told me that if I didn’t address my anger problem, I would die before I was 35.  He stopped me cold.  I wasn’t angry, I thought.  But mine was a quiet, inner-directed anger, the kind of anger that leads to over-achievement, perfectionism, […]

Anger management?

It took two Buddhist monks to shift my understanding of anger.  The first was Gen Jangsem, at the time a monk associated with the Kadampa Buddhist Temple in Seattle.  I attended a workshop he taught about anger.  He started by questioning the usefulness of anger.  If anger had any positive purpose, he said, then shouldn’t […]