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Test Reader Feedback: Taking the Risk Out of New Fiction

Making new fiction successful in the marketplace is probably the highest risk enterprise ever invented.  So I can’t help but try to mitigate that risk, and one way is to get feedback on my novel In the Mouth of the Wolf from a test panel of regular readers.  These are not writers or aspiring writers, […]

Rewrite complete

Thanks to excellent coaching from staff and agents at the San Francisco Write to Market Conference (backed up by my own independent research) I’ve rewritten and retitled the novel formerly known as Amedeo.  It’s now just half as long, at about 85,000 words, and has a new name:  In the Mouth of the Wolf.  I’m […]

Thank you, Robert!

A spec cover design by my Vashon Island friend Robert Leung, based on reading my first two chapters.  Looks like a thriller!  Guess I’d better MAKE it a thriller…  

In the Mouth of the Wolf vs Amedeo

I’ve settled on a new title for the novel formerly known as “Amedeo.”  Too many readers leapt from “Amedeo” to “Amadeus” and thought of Mozart.  The new title comes from the use in the opening scene of an old Italian wolf hunter’s good luck wish:  In bocca al lupo —  crepi il lupo.  Roughly translated:  […]

Fatto. Done. On with number two!

Thank you, Catherine and Sejal

Comments from two of my wonderful readers: I only read this style of novel occasionally and frequently I read reluctantly, but if I start, I make myself finish. With your story, I read eagerly, excitedly, and hungrily. The pacing of the narration borders on the masterful. — Catherine Linn, Bermuda Dunes, CA Amedeo is just […]

The Last Demitasse

Why is a 19th century demitasse important? The morning after he destroys all his family’s porcelain plateware, in a rage over going bankrupt because of his gambling, Giovanni stumbles into the kitchen for an espresso made by his daughter Anna, 10. His sons Umberto and Amedeo look on as Giovanni realizes he is drinking from […]

Bellevue Reading

Great fun doing a reading last night at the Bellevue Arts Museum for the Italian Scientists and Scholars in North America Foundation. Thank you Lorenzo Giacani for inviting me and providing these photos.  Wow does that profile make me look like my Nonno Berto!    


  Celebrating the completion of the manuscript for “Amedeo.”  Many thanks again to all the fellow writers, friends and family who have supported me and given me helpful feedback throughout this process.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  Next week, I’ll go back to researching novel number two, “Lidija,” and start the search for […]

Ken Follett Kept Me Awake Way Too Late Last Night

I have to revise my revision plan because Ken Follett kept me up way too late last night. I’m reading his monster historical novel, “Fall of Giants,” because my friend Nereo Castelli of Trieste told me it’s a great story and includes some very well-written and detailed scenes of combat on the Russian front in […]